All around the world, IMRF members are continuing to save lives in the world’s waters despite the ongoing the global pandemic.  

To help, earlier this year the IMRF produced its IMRF COVID -19 Operational Guidelines: Guidance for SAR Organisations and soon after, the IDRA-ILS-IMRF COVID-19 Drowning Resuscitation Guidance was published.

Several months on, the IMRF, International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) and the International Drowning Researchers Alliance (IDRA) joint working group have come together to update the position statement on drowning resuscitation, to make it more appropriate and applicable.

The working group has searched and found that there’s very little 'new' evidence, and so the review and update of the guidance must be based on experiential learning.

As a result, the joint working group is asking all IMRF members to share their experiences of operating in these exceptional circumstances….

  • What have been your experiences of implementing drowning resuscitation procedures during Covid-19?
  • Did you face any barriers? Did you have any successes?
  • What did you think of the guidelines?
  • Were they useful? Did you adopt them?

Please send any comments or feedback to Catarina Queiroga, chair of the joint working group on [email protected]

Your feedback really does matter, by sharing your experiences we can refine the guidelines to be more valuable, to support our crews better and keep everyone safe.

Thank you.