When it is time to renew your IMRF Supporter Subscription, you will receive an invoice from the IMRF.

The Renewal IMRF Supporter Subscription is again for 1 year for £25.

Payment Methods

You can pay the IMRF by bank transfer (see the invoice you received for the bank details), by Credit Card, and by PayPal.

If you choose to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, we do have to an administration fee to the total price of the Membership.

PayPal is 3% of the total amount added.

Credit Card - European Credit Cards: 1.4% of the total amount, plus £0.70.

Credit Card - Non-European Credit Cards: 2.9% of the total amount, please £0.70.

If you wish to pay by PayPal or Credit Card, please e-mail [email protected].

The IMRF Supporter Subscription Form

If you moved house, or any of your contact details have changed, you can use the IMRF Supporter subscription Form below, if you so wish. You can also e-mail your change of details to [email protected]

Download the paper form below:

IMRF Supporter Subscription Form

Or complete the online form below: