Jill Greenlees, IMRF Financial Controller, completed Ride the North at the end of August. This is a gruelling 175-mile, two-day cycle through the beautiful scenery of the Grampian Highlands in the North of Scotland. This is Jill’s story:

"A group of cycling buddies known as the ‘Stoney Scone Chasers’ (we live in Stonehaven and like scones*, especially after a cycle) decided to take on the challenge of Ride the North. Many months of training went into our preparation, with lots of hours in the saddle, including a 100 mile round trip with the ladies of the Stonehaven Cycling Club. I chose to fundraise for the IMRF, not only because I work for them and see, on a daily basis, the positive impact they are having throughout the world of Maritime SAR, but also I hoped that I would raise the profile of the IMRF. Knowing that lots of people were behind me over the two days, and that my pain was generating funds for a worthy cause, really did help and in total I raised over £442.50, more than double my target."

*A scone is a small lightly sweetened cake.

If you have been inspired to raise money for the IMRF, or if you want to find out about the different ways you or your organizations can support us then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Caroline at [email protected]. Alternatively, if you have a funding story that you would like to be featured in LIFE LINE, please email Rebecca at [email protected].