Children from various schools living within the Kigungu Entebbe Division Wakiso District, approached the Royal Life Saving Society Uganda on 11 April 2013 asking to be taught how to swim - headed by their leaders Kafuko Celestine, Elisa John, and mwanga Kenneth Emmanuel Mewedo(Lame).

One of the members of the group Owori Robert had lost his elder sister in December 2012 when two people drowned. One was a boy and the other was Owori’s sister, who was in senior four at school. His class stated that they wanted to know the basic skills to avoid such thing from happening.

Royal Life Saving started to teach the children on 25th May 2013 and on top of teaching them basic swimming skill, they also taught basic water safety skills with the aim of reducing drowning among the members.

Since the swimming pools are expensive for the children and Royal Life Saving does not have the equipment and the infrastructure, the children are taught in the Lake on Saturday and Sunday - when they are not in school - free of charge. The average number of children per day is around twenty; however there are still no girls in the group.

Initially only five of the Children had swimming knowledge, but as of now all the children are advanced in swimming. More children are interested, but they are yet to get consent from their parents.

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