The 1st Youth camp was organised by "Reach a Hand Uganda", a youth organisation in HANA Mixed School.

There were various topics and fun. The other organisations, that made the camp successful included: RutgersWPF, Women Deliver, Segal Family Foundation, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, DSW, International Health Science University (IHSU), Talent Africa, Buzz Events, Events Warehouse, NBS Television, FYLAA, Set Her Free, Amani Initiative, Uganda Youth Network, Kyuka Youth Outreach, World Vision, SRHR Alliance, Reproductive Health Uganda, S.O.U.L Foundation, Set Her Free, World Vision, Emdi Institute Media and communication, Miss Uganda Foundation, Gibo Foundation, GTZ, PEPSI COLA (Mountain Dew), Next Generation Schools, Save the Children Fund and - lastly - Action Groups for Health Human Rights, HIV and AIDS Uganda.

The youth came from various schools. In total about 270 plus youth. A few were from primary school, but most of them were secondary school children and also few from University.

The team from Royal Life Saving Society Uganda was lead by Mathews. Other members included: Julius, Yusuf, David, Gadaffi, Austin and two of the children leaders, who initially were trained in water safety (Ema-Lame and Celestine) in Lake Victoria by Royal Life saving society Uganda.

Royal Life Saving Society program started on the 30th April 2014, where it met all the youth, who wanted to swim. We divided the group in two: those who knew nothing, and those who could already swim.

Those who could swim, were swimming indeed, but under watchful eye of Life Guards from Royal Life Saving Society Uganda. During this day all the Youth, who could not yet swim, were able to float.

On 1st May 2014 Royal Life Saving Society Uganda started with a presentation on water safety for all the youth in the camp and the topics that were covered, included: Brief History of RLSS Uganda, Definition Of water safety, Water and its Uses, Water Environment (Hazards), Water Safety Rules –SAFE and the practical part in swimming pool was on Basic Rescue (Dry Rescue).

After the Basic Rescue the children, who had learn how to swim, were taught the basics of the breast stroke and advised to continue to practice.

During the presentation Royal Life Saving Society requested that the Civil Society Organizations, who work with HIV/AIDs in the camp, to help sensitize the community on a dangerous myth they got from beaches in Uganda and Tanzania below:

"Water Bodies could be a source of HIV/AIDS for beach goers. One life Guard in Uganda on lake Victoria stated that many youth have sex in the Lake and they believe that they cannot get HIV, because God has blessed the water bodies and that is why people can drink water and do not get sick. Hence one cannot get HIV/AIDS when having sex in the lake. Meanwhile, in Dar es Salaam by Coco Beach, one Life Guide also stated similar issues. He stated that many people have sex in the Ocean and that the salt is medicinal. The water also acts as condom. Hence one cannot get AIDS, since water will wash the Virus away." (You can access this myth on the facebook: Royal Life Saving Society Uganda).

The Camp was eventually closed on 2nd May 2014, hoping for more successful camps in the next years - Reach a Hand Uganda - Youth Camp.

Text from Reach a Hand/Royal Life Saving Society Uganda - May 2014