- Annual Youth Camp Attended by Youth From Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda & Burundi

Date: 27th April - 2nd May 2015

The Annual Youth Health Camp involved 625 young people from all over Uganda, some delegates from Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi, at Hana Mixed School for a week long residential camp, with a lot of education and fun.

The schools that sent many youth were Atlas High School, Bishop Cyrian High School, Mariam High School, Kisubi Mapera High School, Kiwoko S.S, Katale Mordern S.S, Mbogo High School, Emma High School, Bethany High School, Hana Mixed School; Sir. Apollo Kaggwa High School, Kamda S.S among others.

The organisations that were involved, included Baylor Uganda, Uganda Red Cross Society, KYUKA Youth Outreach, DSW, Royal Life Saving Society Uganda, Nembabazi, Love Matters, Rutgers WPF, NBS Television, Events Ware House, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Pepsi, Standard Chartered, Segal Family Foundation, UNESCO.

Royal Life Saving Society Uganda was represented by its volunteers - Mathews who coordinated the event; Austin, Julius, David and four children, who were initial trained in Kigungu (Kafuko Celestine, Mwanga Kenneth Emmanuel Mewedo (Lame), Mbale and Innocent. Nerry, who recently almost drowned in open water and was saved by Austin, also participated and had started to learn the breast stroke.

Royal Life Saving Society Uganda was mandated to deliver Water Safety, hence started by delivering Water Safety in a room that was allocated to it. All organisations that were involved, were allocated to rooms to showcase their activities.

During the third day, Royal Life Saving Society Uganda decided to move to the swimming pool, where it delivered the theory by the swimming pool side and also the practicals in the swimming pool.

There were many learners, that were taken through basics of floating and advancing to crawl and breast stroke. Kafuko Celestine and Mwanga Kenneth Emmanuel Mewedo (Lame) were made to swim in the deep and to monitor those that were swimming in the deep, whilst some of the members monitored from outside the swimming pool. In the deep end some participants were weak swimmers and almost drowned, hence Mwanga Kenneth Emmanuel Mewedo(Lame) found himself rescuing 6 people within two days.

The event came to an end on Saturday 2nd May 2015 with the distribution of certificates to schools and organisation that participated in the event by "Reach a Hand Uganda". Royal Life saving Society Uganda Certificate was picked up by Mathew Ochola.

Written by Royal Life Saving Society Uganda - May 2015