National Rescue Society of Italy

An initiative by Società Nazionale di Salvamento

When SNS looked at the statistics on the number of children, who died each year from drowning, especially in underdeveloped nations (Lake Victoria, Africa, Asia, etc.), they decided to do something about it. 

They prepared a cartoon for children to be available worldwide. 

The cartoon had to be easily understood in any language or country and therefore would only use images and soundtrack. Children do not necessarily need language to get a message across.

Children do not always see or appreciate danger and so AQUA creates an awareness in children as to the possible risks they may meet on, or at water and suggests/supports goed behaviour whilst swimming or playing. 

With music being an universal language, the cartoon uses this to move through various episodes; each lasting about 4 minutes and each focusing on an everyday situations in the life of a child in different parts of the world and with both family and friends. 

Each episode will help show behaviour around waves, stream, depth of water, safety and of course possible consequences of incorrect behaviour. 

Our target for AQUA is simple: to reach all children around the world, any language and race, schools and public safety agencies, government institutions, voluntary services and it is FREE!  

The cartoon is an idea of the SNS (Società Nazionale di Salvamento - National Rescue Society of Italy).  

View the first 2 videos below!


Visit the National Rescue Society of Italy Website.