The Host of the IMRF Awards 2018


Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet)

Host of the IMRF Awards 2018 & IMRF Full Members.

About Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue

"Redningsselskapet, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, is a nationwide humanitarian association whose purpose is to save lives, salvage assets and protect the coastal environment of Norwegian waters, as well as undertaking outreach and accidentprevention initiatives to improve the safety of those at sea in Norway and abroad."

From the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue Website

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The Sponsors of the IMRF Awards 2018

Orolia Maritime

Lead  Sponsor of the IMRF Awards 2018 and of the Team Award 2018 

About Orolia Maritime

Navigation safety has been the core of Orolia Maritime’s Emergency Readiness and Response heritage over the last seventy years, leveraging globally trusted safety solutions, fleet management technology and maritime legislation expertise. Orolia Maritime’s leading edge Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing solutions protect and augment critical GNSS dependant vessel infrastructure, while our brand portfolio includes McMurdo and Kannad beacons, Netwave’s VDR technology and our Omnicom portfolio of Communication and Tracking solutions. Orolia Maritime is trusted for safer journeys.

Text from Orolia

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CM Hammar

Sponsor of the Individual Award 2018 

About CM Hammar

"Our vision is to substantially reduce the loss of lives at sea by creating Better Solutions for Safety at Sea. We do so through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and sensitivity to our customers’ needs.

Our products have been saving lives all over the world during the last 25 years. We know that people’s lives depend on the work that we do and on the reliability of our products and their performance. Therefore all members of the Hammar Team take profound pride in maintaining a production of absolute top quality and in delivering products that we know will perform when needed, and which live up to, or exceed, international safety standards.

Our mission is not only to produce world-class safety products, but also to provide the best possible service to our customers. We continuously develop new state-of-the-art products that correspond to our customers’ demand. In collaboration with our customers we design new products by unconventional and innovative thinking, products that increase safety at sea owing to their combination of ingenuity and top quality production.

Our mission can only be fulfilled through the knowledge, commitment and engagement of our staff. We are committed to the development of our employees’ knowledge, skills and creativity in order to ensure the continuing creation of Better solutions for Safety at Sea and the reduction of loss of lives at sea.

Every life matters." -  From the CM Hammar Website

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Sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 

About Inmarsat

"As the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for nearly four decades.

We offer an unrivalled portfolio of global satcom solutions and value-added services to keep you connected at all times – whether travelling on land, at sea or in the air. No matter where your business takes you, you can rely on Inmarsat for all your mission-critical communications."

From the Inmarsat Website

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Swede Ship Marine

Sponsor of the IMRF Awards Dinner

About Swede Ship Marine

"Swede Ship has a long tradition in shipbuilding with 120 years of history. Deliveries to the Coast Guard and the Navy started back in 1937, welding in aluminum in the 1950’s and production in composite materials in 1979.

The group consist of three modern and highly specialized shipyards, Swede Ship Marine, Swede Ship Composite and Swede Ship Yachtservice, all situated on the west coast of Sweden.

All materials, steel, aluminum and composite are handled by the group. Service is offered att all locations. With an in-house engineering department new designs are made for all types of vessels as well as customization of designs and converions of existing ships.

Each design is a platform that can be transformed into other applications. Swede Ship has a close cooperation with a number of ship owners and organizations such as several Sea Rescue Societies, Navies, Maritime administrations, Police, Ferry operators and many more to develop vessels to their exact needs."

From the Swede Ship Marine Website (new window)

Pole Star

Sponsor of the Innovation & Technology IMRF Award

About Pole Star 

"Pole Star Serves over 2500 clients in three industries: 

Shipping & Offshore Shipping & Offshore: For nearly 20 years they have offered the maritime industry cutting edge vessel tracking as well as SSAS and LRIT conformance testing solutions. Ship Tracking; SSAS Management; Risk Insight; LRIT Conformance; Counter Piracy.

Finance Markets & Compliance Finance Markets & Compliance: They help their clients in the banking, trade & commodity sectors to manage their financial crime risk with advanced sanctions screening and vessel monitoring solutions. PurpleTRAC; Ship Tracking; Government Government.

Their government clients benefit from comprehensive end-to-end service and the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and scalability. LRIT ASP & Data Centre; Hali."

From the Pole Star Website

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Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund

Sponsor of the Local Hero Award

About Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund

"Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund is Norway's largest union of maritime leaders with over 8000 members. Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund brings together Norwegian ship officers serving all types of ships and mobile installations (rigs) - in all parts of the maritime industry."

From the Norsk Sjøoffisersforbund Website

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Norwegian Seafarers Union

Sponsor of the Local Hero Award

About Norwegian Seafarers Union

"The Norwegian Seafarers' Union (NSU) was founded in 1910 and organizes Seafarers of all categories in domestic and international trade and deepsea fishermen. The Union is affiliated to national and international confederations, i.e the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), the European Transport Workers' Federation, the Nordic Transport Workers' Federation and the Norwegian Conferedate of Trade Unions. A Congress that consists of regionally elected Seafarers who meet every fourth year; a National Board and Executive Board that is elected by the Congress governs NSU. The Union's CBAs cover Seafarers employed on more than 1600 ships."

From the Norwegian Seafarers Union Website

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Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers

Sponsor of the Local Hero Award

About Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers

"The Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers (NUME) is a politically independent trade union. NUME has approximately 6,500 members working in maritime and technical professions in international and domestic shipping, oil and gas. NUMEs members represent sought-after expertise in industries where technology and sustainability take front seat."

From the Joint Filipino-Norwegian Maritime Unions General Assistance and Information Office, Inc. (FIL-NOR GAIN, INC) Website

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Hansen Protection

Sponsor of the Local Hero Award

About Hansen Protection

"Hansen Protection has been designing and manufacturing specialized textile products since 1877. Our primary focus is protecting people and property against the elements. Today, we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of survival suits and personal rescue equipment for all types of work on, in and at sea.

Hansen Protection owns one of Europe's largest rainwear manufacturers, Lyngsøe, and produces work rainwear for almost every conceivable situation. Our division in Kristiansand develops and manufactures textile-based special constructions and products. We are also Norway's leading supplier of boat canopies, seats and cushions for the leisure craft market."

From the Hansen Protection Website

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Navigate PR

Sponsor of the People's Choice Award

About Navigate PR

"World class corporate communications for maritime. Led by industry insiders, Navigate delivers professional corporate communications services to the global maritime industry. Combining strategic experience with practical know-how, Navigate helps companies tell their stories through a range of media channels. A trusted adviser to shipping companies, equipment manufacturers, trade associations, insurance providers, ports, classification societies, oil majors, shipbrokers and start-ups around the world, we create and implement intelligent communications strategies that produce tangible results."

From the Navigate PR Website

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