Team Jonge Redders (Team Young Rescuers) is a relatively new Educational Project of the KNRM.

Lifesaving for young people is promoted by comics, stories and a "lecture" pack for students and teachers to use in class. 

The lecture pack exists out of posters, information and free use of KNRM videos on YouTube to make up an exciting lecture for childeren and youngsters in the classroom.  

One can apply for a lecture pack for free by going to the KNRM - Team Jonge Redders - website.

The KNRM sends out approximately 2000 lecture packs every year! And they only just started!

Team Jonge Redders also educates children and youngsters outside the classroom. One can sign up at their local Young Rescuer post through the KNRM website, where lifesaving swimming will be taught.

At the end of 2014 the KNRM will add a new topic to their lecture pack: Water Safety.

For more information go to the KNRM - Jonge Redders now.