Espen Johan Hole, Magnus Hafslund & Kristian Lundemo

Local Hero #1

Espen Johan Hole, Magnus Hafslund & Kristian Lundemo from the RS voluntary rescue crew of the rescue vessel RS 140 ‘Bjarne Kyrkjebø’ The three crew members form part of an RS voluntary search and rescue unit in Bergen, and give a significant part of their free time to coastal patrolling.

The skills and actions displayed on 12 May 2017 demonstrate their longstanding commitment and dedication to their volunteer work.

Because of saving the life of a person, the incident attracted both national and international media coverage. This helped to highlight the work of RS and the Norwegian emergency services in general and RSRK Bergen in particular.

 Frode Rostad & Stein Erik

Local Hero #2

Frode Rostad & Stein Erik Aannerud from the RS Voluntary Search and Rescue Unit at Lake Mjøsa Frode Rostad and Stein Erik Aannerud have been a part of the RS voluntary SAR Unit at Lake Mjøsa since it was established in 1998.

They are still going strong with a genuine engagement and a big contribution to the daily operations, as well as the recruitment and training of new volunteers.

Through the years Frode and Stein have more than once put RS in front of their daily life and family. To be a volunteer for 20 years is a great deed.

To voluntarily take responsibility for a whole unit is nothing less than a life time achievement.

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