<Welcome to volunteering and thank you; explain briefly what a difference it makes to the charity>

Quotation about volunteering from beneficiary / staff

Explain the benefits of volunteering, such as:

  • making a difference
  • contributing to the community
  • gaining experience
  • meeting people

An overview of the activities / events / etc can volunteers get involved with at your charity.
Call(s) to action making next step clear and easy

This could use quotes, or a short paragraph about each of 1-3 volunteers, for example. Vary their backgrounds / activities if possible.

Video of volunteer testimonies and activities can be particularly inspiring. Consider the best for the top of the page.

Highlight what they have got out of it and how their work has benefited the charity.

The easier, the better – but make sure you reply to enquiries as soon as possible.

If your volunteering programme is more formal, you may wish to advertise positions in the same way as jobs. Link to the volunteer page from the jobs/vacancies page.

If there are no current opportunities, give the potential volunteer an opportunity to send you their details so you can let them know when something is available.

Reiterate the areas you most need volunteers.