…with special recognition for the outstanding voluntary work undertaken by Captain Ramón Sagüés and Engineer Mr. Otto Vicente to establish and develop this pioneering SAR institution.

Lifetime Achievement: The Vladimir Maksimov Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Maritime SAR Sector

Captain Ramón Sagüés and Engineer Otto Vicente Muzzio worked as pioneering volunteers in Uruguay to help build the exemplary search and rescue institution that is the Association of Maritime and River Rescue (ADES) today.

Captain Sagüés first learnt about ADES through its founder; Mr Julio Ruso in 1955. At this time, ADES was but a few days old and needed support and volunteers, he immediately volunteered.

Over the years, he worked in almost every conceivable role, from crewmember and machinist to coxswain, playing a critical part in many rescues.

In time, Captain Sagüés was appointed as the organisation’s Executive Director and continued to go above and beyond – handling and classifying the spare and accessories section for the whole fleet; acting as the editor for the creation of internal regulations; becoming General Operations manager for the entire fleet; developing strengthened relations between the RNLI and ADES; and acting as a key member and participant in the ILF Conference, Montevideo in 1995.

In his later years, Captain Sagüés continued his work as a volunteer and was unanimously appointed to join the Counsellor’s Commission – advising the board until his death.

Through his hard work and dedication, he is widely regarded as a vital founder of ADES, and was treated with much affection, consideration and respect until the end of his time as a volunteer.

Engineer Otto Vicente Muzzio has dedicated his life to the service of lifesaving. From a young age, he loved the sea, but it was only after 15 years as a civil engineer, Otto discovered that there was no organisation dedicated to the protection of life at sea in Uruguay – unlike most European countries. He helped to establish ADES, working hard on training, public interest and the drafting of all-important statutes.

He quickly gathered volunteers of prestige and conviction, helping ADES to contact the RNLI – enabling them to build the information necessary to create the statute for a lifesaving society.

With a bank loan accepted, the society was able to buy its first lifeboat from the RNLI and begin its lifesaving duties in earnest.

In spite of many operational and equipment deficiencies, many more crew enlisted, working with purpose and passion. From the rescue of Don Pedro’s six crew to the search and rescue operations surrounding the missing Pietrina – ADES has distinguished itself in the field of maritime search and rescue.

Through his pioneering vision and brave determination, Engineer Otto Vicente Muzziois recognised as a vital personality in the creation of ADES.

Through his work and dedication, he has helped to bring about huge change over the last 62 years, an environment of lost life, castaways and casualties is now patrolled by an effective, committed and driven search and rescue team.

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