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As part of our #WomenInSAR Initiative, in October 2020 we launched our #WomenInSAR survey.

We received over 1600 responses from individuals and SAR organisations across the globe.

The report of the survey results was launched on the 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day.

You can read an Executive Summary of the report, as well as the full report, below.

The survey aimed to discover what people in all kinds of SAR roles think about gender balance and equality of opportunity across the maritime SAR sector and – crucially – what could be done to improve things.

Specific objectives were to gather information on:

- How many women are working in the maritime SAR sector today;
- What kinds of roles they are working in;
- What barriers they face;
- What individuals and organisations think can be done to improve the situation; and,
- To establish a comprehensive and accurate benchmark, enabling the IMRF to better focus its support and to measure the success of the #WomenInSAR initiative.

View and Download the Summary and the Full IMRF #WomenInSAR Report

#WomenInSAR Executive Summary - 8 March 2021
Download:#WomenInSAR Executive Summary - 8 March 2021

#WomenInSAR Full Report - 8 March 2021
Download: #WomenInSAR Full Report - 8 March 2021