An interview series focusing on women working and volunteering in maritime SAR. We have interviewed 12 women from across the world, who are working or volunteering in maritime SAR.

These interviews showcase the wide variety of roles and positions available in this sector.

Each interviewee talks about their career path and job or volunteer experience along with how they entered the world of maritime SAR, as well as how they use science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in their roles.

We hope that these interviews inspire you too! 

#WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Tania Seward #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Natalie Mussington #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Melissa Ousey-Sanders

#WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Julia Hutchings #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Rebecca Bethell #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Pauline Sain Hupolox

#WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Mrs Konan N’goran Adjoua Aline #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Erika Paulin #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Dr. Suzanna Razali Chan

#WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Tania Langenhoven #WomenInSAR STEM Interview: Captain SONG Yin & Captain WAN Qiuwen