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A revised edition of the IAMSAR Manual is published every three years: the next edition will become available in mid-2022. 


IMO Resolutions 

MSC.167(78) - Guidelines on the Treatment of Persons Rescued at Sea
MSC.346(91): Application of SOLAS Regulation III/17-1 to Ships to Which SOLAS Chapter III Does not Apply
See Circular MSC.1/Circ.1447
A.919(22) - Acceptance and Implementation of the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, 1979, as Amended 
A.920(22) - Review of Safety Measures and Procedures for the Treatment of Persons Rescued at Sea
A.949(23) - Guidelines on Places of Refuge for Ships in Need of Assistance
A.1093(29) - Special recognition for merchant vessels involved in the rescue of mixed migrants at sea

IMO Circulars

‘SAR.1’ Circulars report IMO Member Government accessions and successions to/from the SAR Convention. ‘SAR.6’ Circulars report agreements on SAR Regions. These Circulars are not on the IMRF website but may be obtained on request from [email protected]. The latest SAR.7 & SAR.8 Circulars are listed here. Other numbers in the ‘SAR’ series are not currently in use.

SAR.7-Circ.14 - List Of Documents And Publications Which Should Be Held By A Maritime Or Joint Rescue Coordination Centre
Note that this Circular is updated every two years: the next update will be published in 2021. The latest editions of the IMO documents and publications listed in the Circular are also included in this list.
SAR.8/Circ.4 - Availability of SAR Services
This is the last update on the status of the Global SAR Plan issued as a Circular. Users should now refer to the Global SAR Plan module of IMO’s Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS), available at IMO Member Governments should keep this module up to date: see COMSAR.1./Circ.55
COMSAR.1/Circ.52 - Questionnaire on the Availability of SAR Services
COMSAR.1/Circ.55 - Guidance for Entering and Updating Information on SAR Services into GISIS and on How to Get Access to the Information for Operational Use
MSC.1/Circ.1594: Amendments to the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual – 25 May 2018