IMRF Awards 2024

With a combined 22 years of experience, Chrissy Heu and Michael Cockburn displayed the utmost level of bravery and professionalism when they saved the lives of three people after their yacht overturned in horrendous weather off the coast of regional Western Australia in May 2022.

Although the mission was nearly aborted due to the challenging conditions, the crew spotted a flare in the distance and Michael and Chrissy expertly maneuvered their vessel in the direction of the yacht and life raft.

The crew, including Chrissy and Michael, were recognised by the state’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services for their act of heroism. 

Both Chrissy and Michael have saved countless lives during their time in Marine Rescue Jurien Bay.  

Whether a minor breakdown needing towed back to shore or a large scale search and rescue

mission, their skills and expertise have ensured the safe return of many mariners off the coast of Jurien Bay and the surrounding area.

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