Maritime SAR organisations work hard, each and every day, to prevent loss of life in the world's waters. Their personnel are ready to provide a professional search and rescue response should things go wrong.

For people across the globe their lives may depend on a whole network of SAR professionals to save them. From designers of maritime SAR technology, to Rescue Coordination Centres, all the way through to those out in all weather lifeboats searching for them.

The IMRF is here to support your Maritime SAR organisation through representation at the IMO, resources, workshops and the sharing of expertise.

Membership of the IMRF will better enable you to save lives and improve the safety of everyone on the world's waters."

If you are involved with maritime SAR you can join us in delivering on our shared humanitarian goal of preventing loss of life in the world's waters and become part of the largest maritime SAR support network in the world.

Not sure if your organisation would qualify for membership? Then take a look at our membership flowchart, take the IMRF Quiz or for more information about the types of Membership, visit the "Membership of the IMRF"

All Applicants and existing Members should refer to the Articles of Association and the Rules and Regulations before applying or renewing their organisation’s IMRF Membership.

Annual Subscription Fees
Full Membership Affiliate Membership Associate Membership

Large Organisation:

Medium Organisation:

Small Organisation:

€125 €1300

To apply for membership, please complete the online form below, or download the paper Membership Form and submit it to [email protected].

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