In response to our #WomenInSAR Report launched earlier this year. The IMRF has now produced Guidance to aid SAR organisations in increasing the representation of women in maritime SAR.

You can read this Guidance below

This Guidance is intended to help SAR organisations address the key themes and issues that came out of the IMRF #WomenInSAR report, including:

  • Culture & values of an organisation;
  • Recruitment;
  • In-post support schemes for women, such as mentoring schemes;
  • Wider societal attitudes & perceptions;
  • Be a learning organisation.

As well as making recommendations on best practices, the Guidance features case studies from SAR organisations around the world, both governmental and non-governmental, showing what they have done to try to increase the representation of women in maritime SAR.

The #WomenInSAR Guidance

Or download the #WomenInSAR Guidance here