Maritime search and rescue is not limited to oceans, and today’s H.E.R.O story is a perfect example of this:

Mongolia may be landlocked, but the lakes are still a focus for maritime Search and Rescue and recently the IMRF has been involved with a Maritime SAR safety conference in Mongolia.

It, therefore, came as no surprise that one of the H.E.R.O. award nominees is Senior Lieutenant Bat-Amgalan, who is head of the Search and Rescue Branch of Emergency Management Department in the Selenge province of Mongolia.

When flash flooding occurred in Mongolia in May 2016, Senior Lieutenant Bat-Amgalan and his team conducted water rescue and evacuation operations continuously for 3 whole days! The mission covered a territory of more than 100 kilometres and in total 192 adults, 32 children, 75 traditional portable houses and about 2000 heads of livestock were rescued and evacuated from floods areas to safe areas.

Even after the rescue mission was complete, Senior Lieutenant Bat-Amgalan, who has been working for the Emergency Management Organization of Mongolia since 1991, was engaged in flood recovery operations. Thereby ensuring the safety and security of electricians and technical workers, who restored the power supply of the community.

This H.E.R.O. award nomination is testimony to the dedication of Senior Lieutenant Bat-Amgalan Gursuren to Maritime SAR in Mongolia and we are delighted to share his story.


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