Today’s H.E.R.O award nomination is Linde Jelsma, of the KNRM, and it comes with resounding approval from all the participants of the IMRF Lifeboat Crew Exchange, which to date numbers over 200 from over 13 countries!

Each year a new group of lifeboat crew members are involved in this exchange and they can interact and gain practical experience in waters and situations that are unfamiliar to them. Crew members from The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark France, Ireland, Portugal, Canada and Estonia all participated in this year’s exchange and they came away, after an intensive week, with a wider knowledge of Maritime SAR that can be applied at their home stations.

Collaboration and sharing of experience is key to improving Maritime Search and Rescue responses to prevent loss of life in the world’s waters and this year saw 65 participants benefit from this once in a lifetime experience.

At the helm of this fantastic program is Linde, whose commitment and enthusiasm has turned this idea into a reality. The value created by the IMRF Crew Exchange for the European Sea Rescue Community continues to grow with each passing year and this is testament to Linde’s positivity and professionalism.


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