The 28th October 2015 began as many other days on the north shore of Lesvos, with volunteers working from the beach, helping the refugee rubber boats to land safely.

Then the day changed, a huge wooden boat capsized near the border line between Turkey and the north of Lesvos. Over 350 people ended up in the water, surrounded by debris from the lost boat.

The Proactiva Open Arms team, including Oscar Camps and Gerard Canals headed to the area:

"We all had a long experience in rescue, we were coordinators of various rescue services on beaches, and we were equipped. But when we arrived, we began to understand the magnitude of the tragedy."

Amidst that sea of faces, there were some of whom the rescue would not come in time. But that day the Proactiva Open Arms team worked, not only against the elements, but also against the odds to save as many people as possible. And for their efforts in this mission and others Oscar Camps, Gerard Canals & the Proactiva Open Arms team have been nominated for a 2016 H.E.R.O. award.


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