As your boat sinks and you put out your mayday, you will be hoping for a hero to come and rescue you. What you may not realise is, that welcome hand plucking you from the water, is not the only hero that has been involved in your rescue that day. From the radio operator that receives your mayday; to the helicopter captain; to the technologies that link them all together; they are all heroes and they all rescued you! The H.E.R.O. Awards has been developed to draw attention to the life-saving work done in maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) by all heroes across the world.

Today’s H.E.R.O award story is about one of those technologies that represent the unseen heroes. D4H Technologies was founded in 2008 by Robin Blandford, combining his background in the Coast Guard with an accomplished team of computer scientists and emergency managers. Driven by a talented executive team, D4H Technologies' mission is to provide the “Right Information When Things Go Wrong” and Search and rescue facilities in numerous countries use their technology to manage fundraising, training and operations.

They offer many different solutions and the D4H Decisions platform is designed exclusively for serving to the needs of Search and Rescue organizations by combining 3 elements: D4H Personnel & Training, D4H Equipment Management, and D4H Incident Reporting & Analytics.

Search and rescue units can use this platform to not only ensure that they know what team members are available and contact them quickly, but they can also store incident information allowing detailed analysis which helps them to prepare for future missions.

D4H technologies may not be the physical hand that saves you but they are a crucial part of the whole network that makes search and rescue possible. This nomination is a great example of technical excellence, which makes SAR work safer for the rescuer and the rescued alike.


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