The world we live in changes every moment and maritime search and rescue adapts accordingly.

Today’s H.E.R.O. Award nominee, Lars G.Solvik, had to adapt to challenges that were almost half a world away when, in 2009, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (RS) headed to the Aegean Sea with operation Poseidon

Lars has been employed in the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (RS) since 2002 and he has served as Master on the rescue vessel “RS Peter Henry von Koss” since 2009. When operation Poseidon began, it was the first time in RS’s history that they had taken part in an international operation and Lars took a leading role in preparing the vessel and the team at short notice.

His contribution to operation Poseidon was not only invaluable, but also his planning and coordination was paramount for the success of the operation.

For Lars the possibility of saving lives, was the most important motivation to join the operation, and during the first 6 months that he served in operation Poseidon, “RS Peter Henry von Koss” rescued more than 2000 people. For this outstanding contribution to search and rescue he has been nominated for a 2016 H.E.R.O. Award.


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