Today’s H.E.R.O awards story is about Rescue 936 who are a civilian helicopter SAR team based at Caernarfon in North Wales.

They were nominated for undertaking several rescues, in very hazardous conditions, of men, women and children across North West England during Storm Desmond. On Saturday 5th of December 2015 the Cumbria Police and partner agencies declared a major incident after Storm Desmond caused ‘unprecedented’ severe flooding and high winds across England and Scotland.

On this shift, in Caernarfon’s sixth month of operation, James Lorraine was the duty Captain at Caernarfon SAR alongside Mike Day (co-pilot), Zach Stubbings (Winch Operator) and Ian O'Grady (Winch Man & EMT Medic) and their team of engineers and support staff.

Their tasking’s, that night, included three people on a flooding road, cut off by landslides; six persons, who were in pressing danger from heavy flooding in a rented bungalow; persons in distress at a housing estate near Penrith and many more! In total the crew spent 13 hours in the helicopter over this shift, and rescued 10 people.

They fought through torrential rain and wind speeds that were gusting at up to 80mph to carry out their missions. “It was one of the most challenging flying environments that we have ever been in,” said Ian O’Grady.

Rescue 936 always do all they can do achieve their purpose and mission: saving lives and their nomination for a H.E.R.O. Award recognises their effort, grit and determination.


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